April 16, 2021 another extension to our "lockdown"  

maybe May 18th we can open the doors again?

doors open/closed for 6 months in a year

- with nowhere to go :(

maybe I will paint another room.


April 1, 2021, April fool's day UPDATE

We have been locked down again!?!

We are expected to reopen May 1st.  


Those who had appointments will be first

in the queue when we reopen,

any others, leave your message to be in the queue.

Thankyou for your patience

while the government is doing what it thinks it needs to do.

What will you expect when you come to the salon.


Pre-booked appointments will be greeted at the door :) 

Sign in Sheet to say "Hey, I'm healthy"

 Hand sanitizer and Mask required- ie no beards at this time.

One client per chair - at a time 6' apart.

One cape per client.

Cash, cheque, etransfer to HollywoodHairCareer@gmail.com.

Call or text for your appointment 905-688-5143.

Nancy is at Pure Effects in Glenridge Plaza.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Stephanie is at Mavericks at the Penn Centre near the food court.

Mavericks 905-684-9100 or online bookings available-


IG HollywoodHair.ca

FB Hollywood Hair


Dec. 1960 - Nov. 28, 2020

Thank-you to all the generations of clients

who sat in our chairs for their essential service.  

It is an important part of life to go to the barbershop or salon 

to hear the stories from the neighbourhood,

to add their perspective of the story. 

It is essential to come for the touch that transforms the crazy hair to something amazing, to something that puts that smile on the face.

A license to touch - the hair, the intellect, the emotions, the heart. 

We too have been touched.

Joe after 50+ years will be retiring,

as will Adrienne with her 40+ years at Hollywood.

Nancy (40 years come Jan) will continue working

 at Pure Effects on Glendale.

Stephanie will make her new home

at Mavericks in the Penn Centre.

The memories will continue in the lives who sat in these chairs

and those who stood behind the chair.  

We laughed together, we cried together,

we lived together with those stories

that will continue in our hearts.

That small barbershop created at 18 King Street.  

Who knew it would survive for 60 years.  

One of the clients, who just came in for a hair cut last week, 

actually hand crafted the wooden letters to name to shop

(resurrected from the furnace room in 2008 to shine in the window). 

In 1967 Joe Venneri joined the team

expanding the business in 1978

by opening the salon side at 20 King St.  

The Salon side brought all new talent and services.

Adrienne joined in 1980 

and Nancy in 1981.  Dolores also came in 1981.

Gabriela was Nancy's first hire in 2008.

Stephanie and Tara her most recent hires.

Each stylist brought their own style of serving those

who came through our doors.  

Hollywood was a place where the client in the next chair became your friend.


  Nancy and Stephanie would love to see you at their new place of business and continue these services for you.  You can leave a message here or call the shop number to get in touch with us.  

 Fades, Shaves

Curls Cuts Colours

Traditional, Classic or Trendy.

Thank-you and hope to see you soon. :)

And the chairs will continue to listen and comfort.



This website will remain open till July 2021